Friday, 8 April 2011

April 08, 2011

The actual building is finaly done.  Last wall being plastered and ceilings nearly in.  Next week we start painting  and I think that will make everthing come together perfectly. Tomorrow my husband and I and some very special friends will measure for burglar proofing, corniches, shelving and install security gates. Hopefully the electrical work and plumbing will also commence next week.

Thank you to those of you who have joined in so enthusiastically in finding sponsors (or being the actual sponsor!)   Strandfoam for agreeing to supply mattresses, Duraline for supplying paint, Ilze for donating doors and railings and for scouting around for kitchen supplies, Mandy for putting me in contact with possible donaters and flooring etc.

The list, however, is still endless.    Kitchen appliances i.e. microwave, freezer, hobs
                                                     150 Small blankets
                                                     Cooking utensils i.e big pots
                                                     Tiles for bathroom area of 3 x 9 square m
                                                     Vinyl flooring (lots, and lots of it)
                                                     Stationery - acrylic paint, crayons, papers, glue
                                                     Non perishable food
                                                     Clothing for kids aged 6mnths to 6 years
Thanks for your love and support!!!

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