Sunday, 15 May 2011

All the doors are now latched and secure 

Brand new microwave!  We also have a brand new fridge/freezer and stove.  All the appliances are sorted.  Thanks all for the help there.  The empty spot under the counter now has two shelves installed by my husband (and his assistant, me)

The outside walls have been painted - looking good.  (Anyone who wants to comment on the colourscheme - remember you dont look a gift horse in the mouth) All that remains on the painting front is the roof but hopefully this will be done by the end of the week.  Hopefully rubble will also be removed by the end of the week.

Stoep has been completed and paving around the steps in progress.  Thanks Ilze and Gerhard for providing paving stones and for the delivery thereof.  We are holding thumbs that the flooring will be done tomorrow and that Hazel and the kids can move in by Tuesday.  They cant wait!!!.  We have had many people from the community coming to peep to see what it looks like on the inside.  We are getting a very positive response with lots of oohs and aahs.

We still need your support with the following:   Funds for shelving for classrooms
Funds for curtaining
Washing line
Towel rail
3 Toilet brushes
5 Dustbins for classrooms
5 Desk chairs for teachers
2 White boards for grade R classes
Toilet paper
Washing powder
Cleaning detergents
2 Mops for cleaning floors
2 buckets
Storage containers like toy boxes etc

If you would like to donate something on the list, please contact me (082 850 4031) so that we dont double up. 

Monday, 18 April 2011

16 April - update

Deon van Zyl (husband) and Deon Bezuidenhout (friend) doing an excellent job in making and installing burglar bars.  Hopefully we are now theft proof!
Working space in kitchen installed.   Thanks Phil for doing a superb job (as per usual) on the installation of plumbing, electrics and carpentry.Thanks to Maretha for donating a fridge and the lady (I dont know her) for donating an oven.  Oven installed tomorrow (19 April) by Grahams appliances.   All we need now for the kithchen to be fully functional is a freezer, microwave and some big catering pots.

The new classrooms are complete and here the ceilings have been painted.  The whole room is now painted (18 April).  Started painting kithcen today (18 April)  Hendrik is my right hand man and he is completing most of the finishes.

"project manager" seems pretty chuffed with the progress.

Thanks to Jordan for initiating a couple of "drives" ie. blanket drive and tinned food drive at Somerset College. I am really excited about what we can get from these.  Thanks Tracey for your continued support in general and help with finding sponsors, phone numbers of suppliers etc. Cathy and her bookclub with their offer to help - thanks!

Many of you have promised help with laying floors, painting etc.  I haven't forgotten and will contact you when the time comes.

Friday, 8 April 2011

April 08, 2011

The actual building is finaly done.  Last wall being plastered and ceilings nearly in.  Next week we start painting  and I think that will make everthing come together perfectly. Tomorrow my husband and I and some very special friends will measure for burglar proofing, corniches, shelving and install security gates. Hopefully the electrical work and plumbing will also commence next week.

Thank you to those of you who have joined in so enthusiastically in finding sponsors (or being the actual sponsor!)   Strandfoam for agreeing to supply mattresses, Duraline for supplying paint, Ilze for donating doors and railings and for scouting around for kitchen supplies, Mandy for putting me in contact with possible donaters and flooring etc.

The list, however, is still endless.    Kitchen appliances i.e. microwave, freezer, hobs
                                                     150 Small blankets
                                                     Cooking utensils i.e big pots
                                                     Tiles for bathroom area of 3 x 9 square m
                                                     Vinyl flooring (lots, and lots of it)
                                                     Stationery - acrylic paint, crayons, papers, glue
                                                     Non perishable food
                                                     Clothing for kids aged 6mnths to 6 years
Thanks for your love and support!!!

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

third week - March 22, 2011.

As you can see, we have progressed from foundations to actual walls, nearly roof height.  Should be ready for roofing on Thursday 24 March

The littlies taking their mid morning nap.  You will notice that the majority are lying on the floor as their mattresses have been stolen.  We need 100 new 120 x 60(cm) mattresses. 

Apart from building material (which has been taken care of) we are going to need the following:

3 x Security doors
Burglar bars for all the windows
Shelving for storage
Vinyl flooring
Oven and or hob
Fridge and or freezer
Door handles for 8 doors
Light fittings  - approximately 6
Interior and Exterior paint - white pva
Cupboards for kitchen
Desks and chairs for 80 kids
150 small blankets.

The school is also constantly in need of
- stationery  i.e pritt, scissors, medium sized crayons, paper (already used with one side blank is also good), acrylic paint etc.
- food i.e. non perishables like canned fish, meat, veg, soups, rice, pasta (anything you would give a 2 - 6 year old for lunch taking into consideration that there are 150 kids)

If you would like to donate money, here are the banking details:

Rosalie Creche
FNB Somerset Mall
Acc no:  62299551137
branch code: 200912

Otherwise contact me on

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Siembamba building project

I got involved with Siembamba creche in Sir Lowry's village Somerset West, approximately 2 and a half years ago.  Providing food on a regular basis as well as an annual Xmas party and last year supplied the littlies going to school the following year with uniforms, back packs and stationery.]

At some point (before my involvement), the school building became too small for the amount of kids (grew from 30 to 150), so they moved into the community centre across the road.  This was ok for a while but, because it is open to the general public and can not be locked up securely, the community started stealing the school's provisions i.e. food, blankets, toys, mattresses etc. The only solution was to move back into the original (too small ) school building.

This is how the building project and my further involvement, started.  Hazel, the school headmistress, asked if I could help them build and extra 2 classrooms, divide the existing one, install extra toilet facilities and build a kitchen.

The project in underway with foundations and slabs in place.  Building of walls will start on Thursday 17 March.

I request help in any way especially funds.  We also need to install a kitchen so if you know of anyone redoing their own kitchen we can use the old one.  We also require a fridge and of freezer and an oven.  The whole building, old and new, needs to be painted inside and out as well as new flooring (vinyl) throughout.

If you would like to donate money, here are the banking details:

Rosalie Creche
FNB Somerset Mall
Acc no:  62299551137
branch code: 200912

Otherwise contact me on

All the supplies need to be driven to and from the school each day to prevent it from being stolen.