Tuesday, 22 March 2011

third week - March 22, 2011.

As you can see, we have progressed from foundations to actual walls, nearly roof height.  Should be ready for roofing on Thursday 24 March

The littlies taking their mid morning nap.  You will notice that the majority are lying on the floor as their mattresses have been stolen.  We need 100 new 120 x 60(cm) mattresses. 

Apart from building material (which has been taken care of) we are going to need the following:

3 x Security doors
Burglar bars for all the windows
Shelving for storage
Vinyl flooring
Oven and or hob
Fridge and or freezer
Door handles for 8 doors
Light fittings  - approximately 6
Interior and Exterior paint - white pva
Cupboards for kitchen
Desks and chairs for 80 kids
150 small blankets.

The school is also constantly in need of
- stationery  i.e pritt, scissors, medium sized crayons, paper (already used with one side blank is also good), acrylic paint etc.
- food i.e. non perishables like canned fish, meat, veg, soups, rice, pasta (anything you would give a 2 - 6 year old for lunch taking into consideration that there are 150 kids)

If you would like to donate money, here are the banking details:

Rosalie Creche
FNB Somerset Mall
Acc no:  62299551137
branch code: 200912

Otherwise contact me on siembambablog@gmail.com

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